PVA I-V Data Analysis Tool

PV Analyzer I-V Data Analysis Tool facilitates analysis of multiple data sets using Microsoft Excel™.

PVA I-V Data Analysis Tool
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A Microsoft Excel™ based tool that automates the analysis of large blocks of PV Analyzer I-V curve measurement data. Results of the analysis are displayed in three formats. A string table lists the key PV parameters for each string, flags any strings that do not conform to your test limits, and provides a statistical summary of all strings in the array. In addition, individual string I-V curves are combined on common charts at the combiner box level, graphically showing the consistency of the results and identifying any non-typical strings. The tool also provides a histogram or frequency plot for each of the PV parameters for the entire string population of the array. Custom reporting features are also included.

Requires Microsoft Excel™ 2003 or later.

Download can be found on this page.