Solmetric SunEye™

The Solmetric SunEyeTM (patent pending) is a hand held electronic device that allows users to assess total potential solar energy given the shading of a particular site. Identifying the shading pattern early in the process reduces the expense of system and home design and improves the efficiency of the final system or house.

The SunEye is available in two models, the 110 and 210. The 110 was introduced in 2006 and is in use by thousands of installers around the world. The 210 builds on these capabilities with an integrated electronic compass and level into a more compact instrument that makes site assessment even faster and easier.

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Feature summary:
  • Fish-eye lens and digital camera
  • Sophisticated measurement software
  • Simulates removal or addition of shading objects or structures
  • Accommodates all panel orientations (tilt and azimuth)
  • Accounts for panel tilt and orientation
  • Multi-skyline averaging
That means:
  • Easy measurements and instant feedback
  • Fast estimates lead to quick sales and designs
  • Data is automatically stored for later review


Solar Energy System Design and Installation: The SunEye is an important tool for the professional solar installer, saving time and money and helping to design the highest performance systems. It is equally useful for Photovoltaic (PV), passive hot water, roof mount or ground mount systems.

Optimize new systems for maximum production: Analyze existing installations to solve problems of under production. Identify specific shade-causing obstructions such as trees or structures and know instantly how much additional energy would be produced if the obstruction were removed.

Passive Solar House Design and Green Architecture: When you need accurate site-specific solar access data for a new building or a renovation, the Solmetric SunEyeTM is the right tool for the job.