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If you are having difficulty installing the 4.60 software on your 210 SunEye previously running version 4.40 or earlier, you may need to revert to using the currently installed version by cancelling the installation and resetting the SunEye. If you have 210 device software 4.30 or earlier and need to update your 210 SunEye to the last version prior to the OS update (4.40 device software) you can use the installer below. Note that there is no device software version between 4.40 and 4.55.

Download previous SunEye software (version 4.50.3386).

  • Caution: This software will not support sessions from 210 SunEyes running 4.55 or the currently shipping 4.60 software.
  • Note that the SunEye device software version will stay at either 4.40 for the SunEye 210 or 4.22 for the SunEye 100/110.