Megger MIT2500 Insulation Tester


The megger MIT2500 is ideal for testing insulation resistance in 1500 Volt PV systems, giving you the confidence that DC or AC currents are not finding destructive paths to ground. insulation testers can be used to look for weak points in the insulation of your strings. Catch damaged wire insulation before it becomes a ground fault or, worse, a fire. Insulation testers measure very high resistance values (e.g. MOhms) which is why they are often referred to as "meg-testers". If, for example, a PV wire was accidentally pinched between a module frame and the racking, and the insulation of the wire is partially cut through but not shorted, the resistance of the insulation at that point will be lower than elsewhere in the string. This can be very hard to detect without an insulation tester.

The megger MIT2500 include a "guard terminal," enabling accurate readings of high resistances, especially if insulation is contaminated.

Insulation testing is often done in conjunction with IV curve testing. The PV Analyzer software provides a dedicated meg test tab for entering, saving, and managing your insulation resistance data.

  • Insulation resistance measurement up to 2500V and 200GΩ
  • Test voltages from 50 to 2500V
  • Guard Terminal
  • Continuity measurement 0.01Ω to 1 MΩ
  • Pass/Fail limit alarms
  • Test result storage
  • Bluetooth wireless data transfer

The MIT2500 comes standard with the following:

  • Set of silicone test leads and guard terminal lead.
  • Rugged bumper boot with built-in stand
  • High-impact carrying case
  • Owner information CD
  • Three year product warranty
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