Solmetric Granted 4th Patent on Shade Measurement Devices

March 26th 2013, Sebastopol, California

Solmetric Corporation announced today that the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Solmetric its fourth patent (US8386179 B2) related to shade measurements. One embodiment of the the newly issued patent describes an apparatus for determining solar access that includes a camera which captures a reflected image of the horizon, such as from a reflective dome. Another embodiment includes determining solar access from a method performed by a computer program that could operate, for example, on a mobile phone with a camera. The Company has numerous pending patent applications in a variety of related areas.

Solmetric is the world leader in shade measurements and a pioneer in the invention of sophisticated tools for solar professionals. Solmetric tools save time and money, improve the accuracy of system designs and forecasts, and increase ROI and performance of solar installations. Solmetric product offerings include: the SunEye shade analysis tool for fast, professional solar site evaluation; the PV Designer software for easy 2D design and simulation of residential PV systems; and the PV Analyzer for measuring I-V and power curves to verify performance at the time of system commissioning, O&M, or troubleshooting.

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