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Solmetric Announces FREE Software Update for the PVA-1000S I-V Curve Tracer

SEBASTOPOL, Calif., May. 19, 2015

-- Solmetric Corporation today announced the release of a free software update for the PVA 1000S I-V Curve Tracer, the most accurate field testing device for PV array commissioning, troubleshooting, and O&M.

Version 3.7 PVA software update includes custom array tree labeling, support for tracking arrays, city lookup for latitude and longitude, and data backup. The array tree builder, in version 3.7, is the most flexible in the I-V curve tracer field, embodying the emerging best practices for management of PV measurement data. Now you can label your array tree to exactly match the hierarchical labeling of your PV system. This eliminates confusion in the field and assures that the labeling in your final report is spot on. While building your tree you have the flexibility to cut and paste, group selected objects under a new layer, and move selected portions of the tree up and down.

For measuring I-V curves in horizontal single axis trackers, version 3.7 automatically flips the azimuth at solar noon, allowing you to keep right on measuring with the same Project file.

To enter latitude and longitude of the site, simply select the nearest city from an offline list. Other new features include data backup with user settable automatic reminders to make your data more secure, as well as the ability to specify aluminum conductors. Version 3.7 also fixed several minor bugs that occurred on some computers during PVA software installation or downloading of equipment databases.

“Solmetric has always had a strong focus on convenient data management, as well as measurement accuracy” says Paul Hernday, Sr. Applications Engineer. “Version 3.7 is in that tradition, adding features our customers have requested to save time in the field and make the analysis and reporting their results even more convenient and impressive to their clients”.

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