PVA-1500 'V3' to 'T' Upgrade

Upgrade your PVA-1500V3 to a PVA-1500T and save $3300

PVA-1500 'V3' to 'T' Upgrade
Base Price (North America) $6,557.00
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Upgrade your PVA-1500V3 to a PVA-1500T

Save more than $3300 by upgrading your existing PVA-1500V3 to a PVA-1500T (versus buying a new PVA-1500T).

Your upgraded unit will be equivalent to a new PVA-1500T. The upgrade includes all hardware and firmware updates needed plus re-calibration and full system verification and safety test.

The difference between the PVA-1500V3 and the PVA-1500T is in measurement throughput. The 'T' in the PVA-1500T stands for 'Throughput' and means 2x higher I-V measurement throughput and 2x longer run-time before cool down when compared to the PVA-1500V3.

Below is a table showing the differences between the PVA-1500V3 and PVA-1500T.

Measurement Throughput
Sweep-to-Sweep Delay (@Voc<1350V) <18 seconds <9 seconds
Max # Sweeps per Hour (@Voc=1350V) 200 400
Max PV Megawatts measured per hour ** 2.6 MW/hr 3.5 MW/hr
Thermal Capacity **
# I-V measurements before cool-down w/ 18s sweep-to-sweep >800 (77°F ambient)
250 (113°F ambient)
unlimited (77°F ambient)
550 (113°F ambient)
# I-V measurements before cool-down w/ 9s sweep-to-sweep N/A TBD (77°F ambient)
330 (113°F ambient)

** Assumes reference PV system with Voc = 1300V, Vmp = 1100V, Imp = 25A, 16 strings per combiner, 5min to move to next combiner with no measurements. No direct sunlight on I-V unit.

All other specs are the same between the PVA-1500T and PVA-1500V3.

See a complete table compaing the two models.