Solmetric iPV iPhone App (German)

Solmetric iPV App

Solmetric iPV iPhone App (German)

Solmetric iPV is an iPhone based preliminary site assessment tool for home owners and solar enthusiasts. While it cannot match the convenience, features, and accuracy of the more professional SunEye, its low cost makes simple site assessment available to anyone with an iPhone.

Are you a home-owner or solar enthusiast with an iPhone? Solmetric iPV is a self-contained iPhone app for measuring shade and evaluating potential energy output of a solar PV system; all of the information you need for a site evaluation is stored on the iPhone. This includes world-wide hourly weather data and a wide range of PV panels and inverters. By utilizing the compass (on 3GS and 4) and inclinometer functions of the iPhone, you simply trace the edge of your skyline with the on screen cross-hairs. The position and elevation of the obstructions are recorded and overlaid on a sun plot.

Using a built in weather station database Solmetric iPV produces an estimate of the monthly solar energy at a location, taking into account an approximation of the local shading. Solmetric iPV generates a personalized PDF site survey report that can be emailed to yourself or to a professional installer for quote.

You can view a sample report here.

For more information on Solmetric iPV refer to the user manual located here.

What is the difference between the Solmetric iPV App and the SunEye?
Solmetric offers a range of tools. The SunEye is a professional measurement tool for solar installers. It's built for fast, accurate, reliable operation under the wide variety of situations installers find themselves day after day. When you need professional measurements done right every time, you need the SunEye. But if you are a home-owner or solar enthusiast with an iPhone and you would like to do your own simple shade estimate, the Solmetric iPV app is ideal for you. We recommend that you have a professional solar installer measure your site with a SunEye before you make any financial decisions.

For a more detailed comparison click here.

What is the difference between the Solmetric iPV estimator and the Solmetric PVDesigner Software package?
The Solmetric iPV provides a preliminary estimator with limited control of the system configuration and it uses a single point shade reference. PVDesigner enables you to draw the roof, incorporate SunEye shade measurements taken from a variety of locations on the roof, drag-and-drop modules selected from an extensive equipment database, configure strings, and simulate the energy output taking into account the effects of partial shading of modules.

  • Skyline target to trace skyline with on-screen cross-hairs target
  • obstruction elevation vs. azimuth plot with sun paths
  • solar access and shade calculations
  • built-in database of modules and inverters
  • worldwide hourly weather data
  • AC kWh estimates
  • single and dual axis tracking systems
  • pdf report and email export

Accessing Solmetric iPV
Solmetric iPV costs $29.99 in the US and is available on the Apple App Store.

Hardware configuration Solmetric iPV runs on the iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G or iPod Touch second generation. The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, (with built-in compass) are the preferred platforms.

SunTracker App Support
If you own a SunTracker App you do not need to also buy the Solmetric iPV. Solmetric will provide support and updates to SunTracker. New users should download the Solmetric iPV.