"The Solmetric SunEye is a must-have for anyone designing solar panel installations or doing solar analysis for buildings or homes."
Sim Van der Ryn
Renowned leader in sustainable architecture

"The Solmetric Suneye will make your site analysis fast and easy."
Steve Heckeroth
Solar installation and BIPV expert

"The SunEye allows me to close a sale in one visit. I can shake their hand, look at their PG&E bills, use the SunEye to check the shading on their roof, and present a quote right their on the spot. If you are not using one, you are falling behind."
Robert Bialkin
Akeena Solar

"Our company is very focused on designing and installing the best (highest producing & longest lasting) solar energy systems in the business. The Solmetric SunEye has become an invaluable sales and design tool. The SunEye has proven itself to be the most accurate tool on the market for conducting site evaluations and designing higher producing systems, and consistently makes our work easier and much more precise. The Solmetric SunEye also allows you to easily communicate shading details to your customers during the sales process. It's a great device that should be in every solar expert’s bag."
Jason Venetoulis
Borrego Solar

"I have used the Solmetric Suneye during the design of our PV Lab Facility on
SEI's Paonia campus. It's a great tool, very professional, and a real time
saver! I have also found the Solmetric SunEye to be an valuable educational
resource during workshops I've taught over the last few months. This is a
remarkable tool for system installers and PV instructors alike."
Jeff Tobe
Solar Energy International

"SunEye data is not only easy to get, it is easy to use. We download the shading data directly into our design tools. It helps us streamline the whole design and rebate application process, and is a joy to use. I wouldn’t live without it!"
Matt Stone
SPG Solar

"This is one of the easiest, most efficient analysis tool I have ever used. The ease of use coupled with the touch screen display make this one of the most user friendly tools on the market."
Michael Stubbs
Sunny Day Solar