Introduction to the Solmetric "PV Analyzer" I-V Curve Tracer

In this one-hour webinar we show why I-V curve tracing is the most thorough and efficient test of the performance of PV modules and arrays, and why the Solmetric PV Analyzer is the leading I-V curve tracer for commissioning and O&M of commercial and utility PV plants.

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  • User Training for the the Solmetric "PV Analyzer" I-V Curve Tracer

    In this one-hour webinar we describe the use of the PV Analyzer I-V curve tracer for array performance measurement during commissioning and O&M. We present a live demonstration of the I-V curve tracer's easy-to-use touch-screen software, and discuss equipment setup and operation, including electrical connections to the circuits under test and the measurement of irradiance, temperature, and tilt using the SolSensor wireless integrated reference sensor.

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  • Analysis and Reporting of I-V Curve Data from Large PV Arrays

    Using the principles and tools described in this webinar you will be able to analyze I-V curve data quickly and confidently and deliver professional and insightful reports to your customers. We discuss the six classes of I-V curve deviation and explain, using the PV Array Performance Troubleshooting Flowchart, how to separate actual module failures from 'apparent' degradation caused by weather, shading, soiling, and measurement setup errors.

    The webinar includes a demonstration of the Solmetric I-V Data Analysis Tool, which automates data analysis and report generation and is supplied with all Solmetric I-V curve tracers.

    Background: The I-V curve is the most complete PV array performance measurement available. It is also the fastest, capturing all of the performance information in one measurement that can be performed even before the inverter is installed to assure a smooth system startup. These benefits explain why I-V curve tracing has rapidly become the measurement of choice for performance measurement during PV array commissioning, auditing, O&M and troubleshooting. For more information on Solmetric’s I-V Curve Tracer family, including the new SolSensor Wireless PV Reference Sensor, visit our PV Analyzer product pages.

    There will be time for questions and feedback, and we look forward to your participation. Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration with information about joining the webinar.

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