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Module Compatibility

Most modules are compatible with the Module Lift. But, you can check compatibility by measuring three dimensions of the module frame using a caliper, or by contacting us ( and requesting our free module compatibility gauge kit.

If you are using a caliper, please follow the steps below. If you don't think your module is compatible, please reach out to us, because most modules are compatible, and the measurements are not always easy to make.

Verifying compatibility using a caliper

  1. Referring to the diagram below, measure the thickness t of the module frame flange wall, the depth L, and the width D. These measurements, especially for t, have to be done with a caliper to be accurate enough.
  2. Next, find the row in the table that corresponds to the thickness, t, that you measured.
  3. Verify that your L and D measurements meet the minium values shown in that row.


t (Wall thickness)Minimum LMinimum D
0.050” to 0.059” 0.85” 1.27”
0.060” to 0.069” 0.77” 1.11”
0.070” to 0.079” 0.74” 1.07”
0.080”to 0.089” 0.72” 1.04”
0.090” to 0.099” 0.71” 1.01”
0.100”to 0.105” 0.70” 0.99”

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