PV Analyzer I-V Curve Tracers

solmetric pv analyzer iv curve tracer product with screen capture graph

The Solmetric line of PV Analyzer I-V curve tracers are widely used in Commissioning, Auditing, O&M, and Troubleshooting of PV systems. Features include:

  • Best accuracy
  • Highest measurement throughput (# I-V measurements per hour)
  • Largest display with best array troubleshooting features
  • Database of 70,000 PV modules
  • Measures up to 1500V at 30A
  • 300 foot wireless sensor range
Below are specifications for the PVA models. For more details about each model or to place an order, click on the model of interest at the top or bottom of the table.
Voltage Range
20 to 1500V DC
Voltage Accuracy
+/-0.5% +/-0.25V
Current Accuracy
+/-0.5% +/-40mA
I-V Trace Points
100 or 500
I-V Sweep Duration
0.05 to 2 seconds, 0.2 seconds typical for PV strings
Maximum Current
30A DC
10A DC *
30A DC
Measurement Throughput
Sweep-to-Sweep Delay (@Voc<1350V)< /td>
<9 seconds
Max # Sweeps per Hour (@Voc=1350V)
Max PV Megawatts measured per hour *
3.5 MW/hr
Thermal Capacity (# I-V measurements before PVA must cool-down)*
# I-V measurements before cool-down w/ 18s sweep-to-sweep delay
unlimited (77°F ambient)
450 (113°F ambient)
# I-V measurements before cool-down w/ 9s sweep-to-sweep delay
unlimited (77°F ambient)
330 (113°F ambient)
Irradiance Accuracy
+/-2% (typical)
Wireless Sensor Range
300 ft
Operating Temperature (ambient)
0 to 45°F
17” x 8.5” x 6”
21” x 8.5” x 6”
14 lbs
16 lbs
Interface to tablet or laptop
Charging/charged LED
In-the-field firmware update-ready
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* High efficiency modules have high capacitance which can cause a large in-rush current when I-V curves are measured. The PVA is designed to tolerate a certain level of in-rush current. But if it is large enough, it can trigger an over-current warning in the PVA-1000 and PVA-1500V4/T that prevents the measurement from completing. For this reason, it is recommended that strings of modules with efficiencies ≥ 19% be limited to less than 10A (or else be measured with the PVA-1500HE). The in-rush current is increased by higher efficiency, higher current strings, higher voltage strings, higher bifaciality, and higher irradiance. For example, a 1350V string of bifacial 21% efficiency modules with Isc of 18A at irradiance around 1000W/m2 will likely cause the over-current warning. Lower string voltages can allow currents higher than 10A, even with high efficiency modules, so breaking-up strings to reduce voltage and adjusting tracker orientation for lower irradiance can be an I-V measurement solution in most cases. The PVA-1500HE is designed to accommodate strings up to 30A even with module efficiencies ≥19%. For more information on high efficiency modules, see the Solmetric app note I-V Curve Tracing of High Efficiency PV Modules

** Assumes reference PV system with Voc = 1300V, Vmp = 1100V, Imp = 25A, 16 strings per combiner, 5min to move to next combiner with no measurements. No direct sunlight on I-V unit.