Free Tools

Roof Azimuth Tool

The Roof Azimuth Tool is provided to you for free by Solmetric. Solmetric focuses on developing quality solar site assesment tools that provide capabilities such as solar access shade measurements, PV design and simulation software, and PV performance verification and IV curve measurements.

satellite image of buildings

Annual Insolation vs. Panel Orientation for over 1,000 locations in The United States

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) recently published new weather data for over 1,000 locations in the U.S. called TMY3 data, for “Typical Meteorological Year 3”. Using this data, Solmetric has calculated insolation values in kWh/m2 for a range of fixed tilt and azimuth values and produced a color grade chart for each of these NREL locations. The example chart below highlights the main elements of the plot.

solmetric infographic

Compound Angle Tool

The Compound angle tool is a free downloadable tool to help calculate compound angles for solar energy installations. The following information is provided by the user:

  • Roof plane azimuth
  • Roof plane tilt
  • Module tilt relative to roof plane
  • Module tilt anchor edge (top, bottom, left, right)

The resulting true azimuth and tilt are computed and displayed.
The view can be adjusted to be from the South or 180 degrees as normally done for the Northern Hemisphere, or from the North or 0 degrees, as normally done for the Southern Hemisphere.

solmetric compound angle tool