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The Solmetric Module Lift is designed to safely and quickly transport a PV module to a roof. The device uses your existing fiberglass Werner or Louisville extension ladder.

A pulley system is attached to the top of the ladder. A patented module “hook” attaches to the edge of a PV module frame and prevents lateral sliding of the module in the hook. An operator pulls the rope to raise the module. The module slides along the outward facing surface of the ladder rails. “Ramps” allow the module to slide over any discontinuities in the ladder surface (e.g. the step between sections in the ladder). The pulley assembly includes a brake that prevents the module from sliding back down the ladder in case the bottom operator releases the rope too soon. An operator at the top removes the module and releases the brake to lower the hook.

Reduces fatigue and increases safety
Meets OSHA compliance
Set up in less than 5 minutes by one person
Light weight, rugged, reliable
No motors to deal with
All parts fit in a duffle bag (included)
3/4″ rope is easy on the hands
Operates in hot (131°F) and cold (down to 14°F) climates

Select the rope length as 60′ or 80′ (e.g. a 28′ ladder could use the 60′ rope, a 40′ ladder would need the 80′ rope).

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