PV Analyzer Training

solar technicians using a solmetric tool to install solar panels
Solmetric offers a variety of training related to PV test and measurement. The table below shows a list of training modules offered. Special topics can be included upon request. Training is delivered live online in a presentation/discussion format. For data analysis and other expert services click here.
Training Module:
PV Array
Target Audience:
People who will be
using the PVA in the
People who will be
measurement results
People involved in
troubleshooting PV
Contents of Training: Introduction to I-V Curve
Tracing and the Solmetric
PV Analyzer

Preparing for I-V Curve

Measuring I-V Curves in
the Field

Measuring Irradiance and

Signs of Abnormal PV
String Performance

Exporting Your
Measurement Data
Introduction to I-V Curve
Tracing and the Solmetric
PV Analyzer

How the PVA Predicts the
Expected I-V Curve

Setting Up the PVA Software

Managing Measurement
Data as it Accumulates

Reviewing Measurement
Results in the Data Analysis

Identifying I-V Curve
Deviations and Determining
Likely Causes

Generating and Managing a
Punch List

Acceptance Testing
Following Repairs

Generating a Final Report
Special Electrical Behaviors of
PV cells, Modules, and Bypass

Troubleshooting the 6 Classes
of Deviation from Formal I-V
Curve Shape

Troubleshooting Strategies for
PV Strings and Harnessed

Using Infrared Imaging in
Combination with I-V Curve

Acceptance Testing Following
Price per session (up to 20 attendees):
Bundle Price (includes all three modules, saves $250): $2,050
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