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PVA Operator Training

The target audience for this training module is anyone who will be conducting I-V curve measurements in the field using the PV Analyzer. The primary topics include:

  • Introduction to I-V Curve Tracing and the Solmetric PV Analyzer
  • Preparing for I-V Curve Measurements
  • Measuring I-V Curves in the Field
  • Measuring Irradiance and Temperature
  • Signs of Abnormal PV String Performance
  • Exporting Your Measurement Data

Other special topics can be included upon request. Training is delivered live online in a presentation/discussion format and typically lasts about two hours. Training is conducted by Paul Hernday. Paul is a Senior Applications Engineer and expert in PV test and measurement. Paul helped design the Solmetric PV Anlayzer. He has published numerous articles about I-V measurements and troubleshooting.

Prices are per session with up to 20 attendees per session.


Training Bundle Save $300 when you buy all three training modules together (normal price for the three modules is $2,050 when purchased separately). This includes the PVA Operator Training, PVA Specialist Training, and PV Troubleshooting Training.

Follow-on Support
After your training is complete, get an additional 2 hours of phone support. This can be used for additional questions on the training topics and for help with data interpretation and array troubleshooting.

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