Solmetric Granted Shade Measurement Patents and Trademarks

January 27th 2011, Sebastopol, California.

Solmetric Corporation announced today that the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Solmetric three patents related to shade measurements. One embodiment describes a “solar access measurement device” comprising a camera, compass, inclinometer, and processor for determining solar access. The patents describe multiple embodiments that include other components such as a fisheye lens, GPS, reflective dome, accelerometer, and gimbal. The Company has filed four other patents that are still pending. Solmetric has also been granted registration of the trademarks “Solmetric” and “SunEye” in the US and Europe.

Solmetric is a supplier of tools for solar installers. Its product offerings include: the Solmetric SunEye shade analysis tool for fast, professional solar site evaluation; the Solmetric PV Designer software for easy design and simulation of PV systems; and the Solmetric PV Analyzer for measuring I-V and power curves to verify performance at the time of system commissioning or for troubleshooting a failing system.

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