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  • Lightweight and rugged
  • Non-conductive
  • Easily attaches to a variety of extension poles (pole not supplied)
  • Measurements triggered by rotation of pole
  • Audio feedback from the SunEye 210


SunEye Extension Platform (pole not included)

The SunEye Extension Platform enables surveyors to mount the 210 model SunEye on an extension pole, such as a painter’s pole or broom handle (neither are supplied), to take accurate measurements above ground level. The platform holds the SunEye secure and protected without obstructing the field of view of the SunEye’s camera lens. The platform base has an adjustable screw clamp to securely attach to a variety of pole diameters. Watch a video Part 1. Overview, and more detail in Part 2. Operation.

When using the Extension Platform in conjunction with an extension pole, SunEye skylines are captured by rotation of the pole combined with audio feedback from the SunEye. The SunEye will automatically correct the measurements for azimuth and tilt using inputs from the on-board sensors.

SunEye Extension Kit Quick Start Guide


In many site evaluations, it may be difficult to access the exact location of the solar array. For example:

  • The roof may be difficult to access
  • Access may not be authorized at the time of the evaluation
  • The proper safety equipment may not be available
  • A new building or solar parking canopy may not be constructed
  • Step ladders may not reach high enough and scissors lifts or boom lifts can be expensive and complex

The SunEye Extension Platform consists only of the platform and does not include a pole or SunEye.


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