PVA-1500S Release Notes

Version 4.12.140 – 30-December-2021

  • Updated User's Guide

Version 4.11.134 – 11-October-2021

  • Support for PVA -1500 Model T.

Version 4.9.120 – 30-March-2021

  • Fixed bug that caused software to hang with new version of Measurement Head firmware.

Version 4.8.119 – 21-September-2020

  • Update to User's Guide to include information about PVA 1500 V3.

Version 4.7.118 – 2-October-2019

  • Improved timing synchronization between PVA IV curve sweep measurements and SolSensor environmental measurements to improve model accuracy.

Version 4.6.113 – 15-July-2019

  • Fixed bugs that caused the app to hang sometimes while waiting for measurements.

Version 4.5.104 – 3-June-2019

  • Support for field firmware updates of PVA-1500V2 with SolSensor 300V2.

Version 4.4.84 – 17-December-2018

  • Fixed bug causing measurements to sometimes be saved to multiple array locations.
  • Fixed bug preventing installation on some computers.
  • Removed online location lookup and azimuth tool as it is not supported anymore.

Version 4.3.77 – 1-November-2018

  • Version 4 software can now communicate with PVA-1500, PVA-1000, and PVA-600+ Measurement Units, and measurements from each can all be stored in the same project file.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 4.2.66 – 1-October-2018

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 4.2.64 – 12-August-2018

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 4.1.58 – 16-July-2018

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 4.0.54 – 20-June-2018

  • First release compatible with 1500V PVA-1500S and SolSensor 300

Version 3.7.8410 – 7-July-2015

  • Fixed bug where Copy and Paste in the Array Navigator would not display custom names

Version 3.7.8406 – 9-June-2015

  • Fixed bug where changing string length retroactively caused measurements to show up in more than one array location
  • Fixed bug where user could input zero wire length

Version 3.7.8394 – 6-May-2015

  • Added the ability to change the default names of array elements to match your site plan
  • Added the ability to copy, cut, paste, group, and reorder array elements
  • Added a new backup feature with user settable automatic reminders
  • Added support for horizontal single-axis tracking arrays in a single project
  • Added an option to specify aluminum wiring
  • Added an offline list of cities to set the site latitude and longitude without an Internet connection
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Note that this release requires a new version of the Data Analysis Tool v.3.5.8391 (requires login info)
    Call sales or support if you purchased a PVA-1000 or PVA-600+ kit and did not receive login info.
  • Version 3.6.7805 – 26-August-2014

    • Updated the module selection process and added new features like favorites and recently used modules
    • Added a global sensor setting feature
    • Increased the max number of strings that can be added to an array with the Auto-fill tool
    • Expanded the History tab to include 32 most recent measurements
    • Minor bug fixes

    Version 3.5.7540 – 25-June-2014

    • Updated the built-in module and inverter databases with thousands of new entries
    • Added French and German language support
    • Simplified the array location naming convention to make the screens and output file locations easier to read
    • Minor bug fixes

    Version 3.4.7233 – 15-March-2014

    • Added a user settable time zone property for projects
    • Enabled metric wire properties for lengths in meters and gauges in square mm.

    Version 3.3.7169 – 20-February-2014

    • First release of software compatible with the new PVA-600+ class units AND the PVA-1000S
    • Minor user interface enhancements for PVA-1000S users

    Version 3.2.7015 – 16-December-2013

    • Fixed bug where the correct number of modules per string was not always being applied to the performance model.

    Version 3.1.6991 – 9-December-2013

    • Performance enhancements to the Array Navigator. Facilitates measuring and recalling traces in arrays much larger than 1MW within a single project file.
    • Minor bug fixes

    Version 3.0.6838 – 23-September-2013

    • Fixed data consistency bug in exporting csv files
    • Updated User’s Guide

    Version 3.0.6834 – 19-September-2013

      First release compatible with 1000V PVA-1000S and SolSensor

    • (Note: Users of the Solmetric I-V Data Analysis Tool will need to update their DAT to work with data exported from PVA V3 PC software. Please contact Solmetric Support.)