PV Analyzer I-V Curve Tracers

<strong>PV Analyzer</strong> I-V Curve Tracers

The Solmetric line of PV Analyzer I-V curve tracers are widely used in Commissioning, Auditing, O&M, and Troubleshooting of PV systems. Features include:

  • Highest accuracy and measurement throughput (measurements per hour)
  • Largest display with best array troubleshooting features
  • Database of 70,000 PV modules
  • Measures up to 1500V at 30A*
  • 300 foot wireless sensor range

PV Analyzer ModelsPVA-1000S
PVA-1000 bundle
PVA-1500 V3
PVA-1500 bundle
PV Voltage Range 0-1000V DC 0-1500V DC
Current Range 0-20A DC (standard)*
0-30A DC (optional)*
0-30A DC*
Voltage Accuracy +/-0.5% +/-0.25V +/-0.5% +/-0.25V
Current Accuracy +/-0.5% +/-40mA +/-0.5% +/-40mA
I-V Trace Points 100 or 500 100 or 500
Wireless Sensor SolSensor SolSensor
Wireless Sensor Range 300 ft 300 ft
Irradiance Accuracy +/-2% (typical) +/-2% (typical)
Interface to tablet or laptop Wireless USB dongle (included) WiFi
Misc Charging/charged LED, in-the-field firmware update ready
Price $5695 $9895
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* Please note, parallel strings of high efficiency modules can not be measured in parallel, even if the total current is less than 20A or 30A.

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