Normally the SunEye installation program checks that the SunEye is connected before allowing software updates on either the SunEye or the Desktop. However, there are cases that people want to use the desktop software when the SunEye is not present. This is currently possible with the additional steps provided below. (Note that in the future this capability will continue to be available, but may require the purchase of an additional license. 1. Download the installation program to a known location, eg. the Desktop. 2. Create a separate shortcut to the installation program by right clicking on the installation program and selecting “Create Shortcut”. 3. Right click on this new shortcut icon, and select Properties.  4. Click on Target, and position the cursor to insert text after .exe, for example after SunEye_2_8_1230.exe in the “C:\Documents and Settings\Joe Solar\Desktop\SunEye_2_8_1230.exe”. 5. Insert the text ” /DESKTOPONLY” so that it looks similar to  “C:\Documents and Settings\Peter Hoberg\Desktop\SunEye_2_8_1230.exe /DESKTOPONLY”. Note that there is a space after .exe. 6. Run the installation program by selecting the newly created shortcut.

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