The PV Designer is intended for use with the Solmetric SunEye. Normal operation requires the use of a Solmetric SunEye Session. However, to evaluate the software and provide example measurements, it is possible to use a downloaded SunEye session. The instructions for this are shown here.  To use the Solmetric-provided example session (if you don’t have a Solmetric SunEye yet, for example), please follow these steps Click the link below and save the file to a convenient location such as your desktop PV Designer Example Session (ZIP file) Extract the downloaded zip file, which contains a directory of SunEye files This directory contains a number of files which comprise one “session” (multiple “skylines” on a single site) Store the unzipped session folder in the default location for SunEye sessions: MyDocuments/Solmetric/SunEye/Sessions/. This is the most convenient path to store the extracted folder. (Alternatively you can place the extracted Session directory anywhere convenient and browse to it in the PV Designer’s Session menu: Session, Browse…, Look In, and specify the directory where the example session folder is stored.) Note: do not change the name of the session folder, or this can result in errors. From the SunEye Desktop software, click Session | Browse. Choose the Session named “PV_Designer_Example” and click Open. Click Session | PV Designer to open the design tool. Note that a simple PV system design as a starting point.

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