Solmetric also offers an I-V Data Analysis Tool to import measurement results, create histograms of key parameters, identify outlier results, and create overlay plots of I-V curves.  It is available for purchase on the Solmetric website. In the current version of PV Analyzer software, tables of multiple measurements can be viewed simultaneously, but multiple IV curves cannot.   Multiple IV curves can be compared by viewing screen shot images of the curves using Windows®.   To simultaneously view tables of multiple measurements, go to the ?Table? tab. After a measurement is taken, press ?Snapshot?.   The data associated with that measurement will be temporarily stored on the screen to be compared to subsequent measurements. Up to three measurements can be stored in this fashion. The snapshots will be cleared if the program closed. If you wish to keep a record of the snapshot values, take a screen shot by pressing the small camera button in the lower right corner.   To compare multiple IV curve measurements without the PVA Data Analysis Tool, you can either compare images or using a spreadsheet program and the .csv files from the measurements. For images, take a screen shot of each curve you would like to compare by going to the ?Traces? tab and pressing the small camera button in the lower right corner. Store all the screen shots images in the same folder.   Minimize the PV Analyzer software, navigate to the folder containing the screen shots, and open multiple images to compare them. In this case they will not be on the same chart. You can also use a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel to open multiple .csv measurements and create your own graph to view them on the same chart.   

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