You have two sessions, and you want to combine skylines from BOTH sessions into a single session, eg. for using in PV Designer. First thing you need to do is to combine the two sessions into one. Follow these steps: Make sure both sessions are from the same SunEye. If not, this procedure may not work. Make sure that the session properties are the same in both the ORIGINAL and ADD-ON sessions, using the SunEye desktop application (not PV Designer). This includes latitude, longitude, time zone, and magnetic declination. If you selected the same city for both, then these should be the same. When finished, close the SunEye application. Create a copy of the ADD-ON session and the ORIGINAL session for backup purposes. Put the copies in a different folder, so you do not change the names. (Changing the names causes a problem because the name of the .son file must agree with the folder name.) Rename the skyline files in the ADD-ON session. Instead of starting at sky01, you need to call them skyxx, where xx is one more than the number of skylines in the original session. For example, if you had 4 skylines in the ORIGINAL session, rename the skyline files in the ADD-ON session, starting at sky05. You will need to rename the, SkyxxSunRect.bmp, and SkyxxFullRes. That is, three files need to be changed for each skyline. Continue this until all skyline files in the ADD-ON session with each group of three with a unique name. Add these skyline files (three per skyline) to the ORIGINAL session folder, thereby creating the NEW session. (Do not copy the .son file). Make sure this NEW session is now in the expected directory My Documents/Solmetric/SunEye/Sessions/. Open the SunEye application and make sure you see the session and can browse all skylines. Then proceed to PV Designer if desired.  

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