We have a new compass calibration feature in the version 4.2.2667 software. If in the Orientation Menu it is determined that the compass is not reading the correct heading, a field calibration can be performed. First, make sure that the compass heading is truly in error by ensuring that it is being set correctly to either magnetic or true north and the appropriate magnetic declination is being used. If you are in a location that is free of magnetic disturbances and the compass reading is still incorrect, then a field calibration should be performed. Procedure 1 Press the Orientation button. 2 In the bottom right hand corner of the Orientation menu select Compass Calibration. 3 A screen will come up with links to information on the calibration. Click on the Begin Cal button in the lower left hand corner. 4 Perform the calibration as indicated by the directions on the SunEye. 5 A second calibration may be needed if the calibration coefficients are computed and the algorithm determines the likelihood that there is some magnetic material in the region. Perform if directed by the SunEye.

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