The current version (1.1) of PV Analyzer PC software does not automatically create a report. However, a report can easily be created with some simple formatting of the IV Data Analysis Tool. The IV Data Analysis Tool is an excel macro capable of importing the PV Analyzer saved traces from an entire site and organizing their data into tables, histograms, and generating IV curve families.  Follow these steps in order to create a printable report: *Note: these steps are for Excel 2007, and may differ slightly for other versions. 1. Load your data into the IV Data Analysis Tool (IVDAT). 2. At the bottom of the screen, go to IVDAT’s table tab. 3. Go to Excel’s Page Layout tab and change the page orientation to landscape. 4. Go to Excel’s View tab and select Page Layout View. 5. Drag the column widths until all the data fits horizontally on one page. If you need more space… a. shorten column A as much as needed even though some of the text may be cut off. b. go to Excel’s Home tab c. select all of column A by clicking on the column header d. select ‘right justify’, so that the more important part of the measurement identification is shown 6. Navigate to any other IVDAT tabs where desired histograms or plots are located. Copy and paste them below the table data on the table tab and re-size as needed. 7. Go to Excel’s Insert tab, and insert a header and footer to include a title and page numbers 8. Save as a PDF and/or print.

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