SunEye sessions can be moved from one computer running the SunEye desktop software to another computer running the desktop software. The session folder must be shared, unchanged, from computer to computer. The transfer can be done by email or via a memory stick or share drive. To access the session folder, go to the storage location for the session folder, normally this is the default location My Documents/Solmetric/SunEye/Sessions/. Each session will have a folder with a time stamp and session name. This session needs to be copied as is to the target computer and put into the session directory, normally with the same name My Documents/Solmetric/SunEye/Sessions. When emailing the folder, it is best to compress it using Zip. Right click on the folder, then Send to .. Compressed (zipped) folder. This zipped file can be shared or emailed, and must then be unzipped in the target computer. To unzip, right click on the zipped folder and extract the files, then ensure that the folder goes into the correct location in the target computer.

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