Compared to the Wiley Asset the SunEye? is unique in several important ways. With the Wiley Asset, a series of pictures is taken with a digital camera. To analyze the data, the pictures must be transferred to a computer where they are stitched together and the sun paths are shown on this panorama. This process can be difficult and time-consuming. The SunEye? is completely integrated, including the compass, level, and camera with fisheye lens. The compact integrated simplicity of this design ensures more accurate measurements in less time. And measurements can be made without complex setups and without the need for a tripod.   With the Wiley Asset, the PC Software is required for more complete analysis of the data. The SunEye? has a complete processor built-in, so sunpaths can be overlaid on Skyline data sets on site. Potential solar panel locations can be evaluated in real time on site without the need for a computer. Solar access measurements are immediately available. Using the edit tool, scenarios of adding or deleting shade causing obstructions can be analyzed and compared. Discussions and decisions can often be made with the potential client during the site visit without the computer.   NOTE: The SunEye? Desktop Companion software extends the SunEye? and enables data reports and file transfers to popular analysis programs and proposals. The Desktop software is not required for the on-site analysis, but facilitates the analysis and proposal process.

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