This solution covers the steps required from a software point of view to replace a PDA Internationally. 1. Supply the new PDA serial number to Bernie. You can find it on the PDA by going to: Settings, System tab, HP Asset Viewer 2. Bernie will issue you a runtime license and international license file. It will be called “licenses.txt” 2. Using  ActiveSync  Explorer paste this text file into \My Device\storage card\SunEye\data\ on the PDA. 3. You should then be able to run the SunEye_2.8.1230 install program. 4. You will then have to go into service mode under “About Solmetric SunEye”  5. Change camera cal factors to match those of your camera. If not known, Patrick or Bernie can look them up based upon SunEye serial number. They are listed under the “SunEye” tab in .

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