The SunEye incorporates an “Open Sky Detection” algorithm which is digital image processing to determine what is open sky and what is obstruction. This algorithm works well in most situations. However, in some cases it may be “fooled”. Check that your camera is clear and reasonably clean, and that images are appearing in the result. Also, after you enter preview mode (Skyline, New…), be sure to wait a few seconds before pressing the button to snap the picture. This allows the automatic adjustment of the lighting by the camera. We recommend counting slowly to three before pressing SNAP (or the center NAV button). If you go too fast, this can cause open sky to be detected as obstruction, ie. too much green. On 210 model SunEyes you can use alternate “sky type” settings that will help the SunEye detect open sky in different weather conditions. From the Skyline preview screen (aka Live Preview mode) there is a menu that will allow you to select between 3 sky types. Please consult the user guide for more details. If necessary, use the EDIT tool to “paint” the picture. In the Annual Sunpath View, select the yellow/green droppers in the lower right. Zoom and move to the area to be adjusted. You will see objects as distinct in the picture and can differentiate them from the sky. Ensure that the  obstructions are green, and that open sky is yellow. Press the X, then Apply Changes, and the data will be saved and the solar access values will be recalculated.

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