Some users of Parallels have difficulty opening sessions with PV Designer after creating designs using a Mac. This is indicated by a “Error loading Session” dialog box. This is most likely caused by the configuration of the user account in Parallels. The solution is a two-stage process: Stage 1: relocate your existing sessions to what will be the new default location 1. Locate your shared profile’s SunEye sessions folder, e.g. \\.psf\Home\Documents\Solmetric\SunEye\Sessions 2. Copy the contents of the Sessions folder to the C:\Users\*User name*\Documents\Solmetric\SunEye\Sessions folder Stage 2: change the Parallels configuration 1. Choose Parallels Virtual Machine>>Configure… 2. Select the Features/Shared Profile category 3. Clear the “Enable” checkbox 4. Logout and Login

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