This can be caused by many things; Access DB engine missing, corrupted session.xml file or possibly a corrupted application settings xml file.  ‘Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0’ is the Access driver. Manually install it by running this executable: The session.xml file is in the specific session folder. It is safe to delete this file and let the program recreate it. The application settings file is located in the user’s directory ~User/AppData/Local/IsolatedStorage/…. It may be necessary to “show hidden files” to see the AppData directory and the final bits of the path are not known but the file name will be ApplicationSettings.xml. If opened it will be obvious that it is specific to the PVD. It is safe to delete this file and let the program recreate it. Instructions for customers with crashes on certain sessions only: You may just have a corrupted or missing config file in the sessions that are crashing. Not to worry, those config files can be rebuilt and you will not lose any designs. Most likely that is why the sample session works but some of the others do not. In Windows navigate to your Sessions folder located in your documents folder under Solmetric>>SunEye>>Sessions. Open the session subfolder for one of the crashing sessions and look for a “Session.xml” file (you may need to configure Windows to show known file types if you don’t see any .xml extensions). Do not try to open that file but delete it from the subfolder. In the same folder you will see a file for each of the designs you created (with the names you gave to each design or the default “design 1, etc.” if you did not rename the designs). Temporarily move those files to a convenient location (anywhere outside that same subfolder will work). Go back to the Solmetric Desktop software and open the session you’ve been working with and then run PV Designer. It should not crash, but you will not see your designs. After the program has finished loading weather info, etc. go back to the Session Properties from the Session menu. Then move the design files back to their original locations and relaunch PV Designer. You should now see your designs appear in the session. Repeat this process for any sessions that crash when you try to launch them with PV Designer. Possible causes are leaving sessions open in PV Designer without switching sessions or closing the desktop software and rebooting the computer, forcing the PV Desinger to quit when it has become unresponsive, PV Designer crashing while attempting to record a change to a design. Let me know if this does not resolve the problem with those sessions.

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