If the SunEye will not power up after pushing the power button or if the charge indicator LED does not blink when connected to the AC adapter, first try resetting the device. 210 series: Press and release the hard reset button by pressing the small green button located next to the charging port.  Verify that  the button does not stick in the down position.  DATA IS SAFE DURING A RESET Reset the Date and Time after the device finishes resetting. 100/110 series: Try pressing the power button again (it may take up to three times). Try  soft resetting  the SunEye ? device. The battery may be dead. Plug the SunEye ? into the AC adapter and try pressing the power button again. If your battery is completely depleted, be sure to use the AC adapter, not the USB connection cable, because USB will not provide enough power to turn the device on. If it still doesn’t turn on, try performing a soft reset again while plugged into AC. If it still doesn’t power on, let it charge for a while and try again. Note: If the battery dies you will not lose any session or skyline data stored on your SunEye ? device. If the SunEye ? still does not power on, then there is likely a problem with its hardware, and you should contact  Solmetric support  to arrange to have the device sent in for service. After the reset is complete check the battery level  indicator on the device: Sun icon>>Tools icon>>”About Solmetric SunEye..” if it indicates 0% charge even after “charging” (connected to the AC adapter for at least 15 minutes with the device off) or it will not complete a reset process after “charging”, it is likely that the charging circuit is not operating correctly. Contact Solmetric support for a return authorization (RMA). Note that connecting the incorrect power adapter to the SunEye may damage the charging circuit and render it inoperable. The adapter specs of the factory supplied charger are: 5V, 2.6A. 

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