Windows 7 and Vista operating systems use the Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) instead of ActiveSync. During normal operation, the WMDC enables the connection to the device. When plugging in the SunEye (turned on), you will see a Mobile Device Center screen with choices to either “Set up your device” or to “Connect without setting up your device”. DO NOT select “Set up your device” . You may choose to ignore the WMDC window, close the window, or click “Connect without setting up your device”.  If you or a coworker elects to “Setup” the device, a “partnership” gets established, which is normally used for PDA’s and Smartphones for synchronizing data such as contacts and emails. This is NOT the mode that the SunEye needs to use. If you get into this mode, you must end the partnership for the SunEye to connect to the desktop software correctly. To end the partnership, disconnect the SunEye device, open Windows Mobile Device Center and click Mobile Device Settings. Click End a partnership, and select the named partnership and select End partnership. Reconnect the SunEye device and the connection should be reestablished. You should see a green check and the word “connected”. At this point you should be able to successfully transfer data from the device to the desktop software via the “Transfer from device” function under the File menu.

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