…there are some significant difficulties getting the latest beta software installed on some 210 SunEyes. This includes any release 4.55 or later installing on a 210 with the original 1.0 OS (20100203). That would include all 210 model SunEyes shipped from the factory from the initial shipment through late January 2011 (perhaps as many as 1750 SunEyes). Note that for 100 and 110 model SunEyes and any 210 SunEye shipped after January 2011 there are no problems seen when installing the 4.55 and later software. Here are some tips to help users have a successful upgrade: PCs with Intel processors succeed more often than AMD processors. AMD machines running Windows XP are the exception. Disable the firewall prior to starting the installation – if they do not have admin access to the computer to do so, there is no point in attempting the installation as it has virtually no chance of success. Close all open applications when possible, at the very least save all open documents. Verify that they are able to connect the device USB cable directly to a port on the computer and not a “hub”. Follow the device driver installation instructions carefully and promptly. Letting the installer sit and wait for a user response will often result in needing to reset the device and repeat the driver installation. Reset the device when instructed (connection error, please reset…) and let the installation repeat the process at least 3 times. If it does not work after the 3rd attempt to load the OS, it has a relatively low percentage chance of success and I find that users do not have the patience for more attempts. At this point you may decide to instruct the user to reattempt the installation with another PC or return it to your service center for the update. If they are successful updating the device on another PC, it is easy to install the desktop companion upgrade on their usual PC by clicking “Skip” at the device installation step.

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