There is some trade-off when using the Simple Performance model, relative to the 5-Parameter or Sandia models. With the Simple Performance Model, the ability to characterize the IV curve is reduced, since you only get the max power point prediction. In the case of the 5-parameter and Sandia models, you can see five different points modeled between Isc and Voc.   Secondly, with the Simple Performance model, the accuracy of the modeled max power point prediction is reduced, and the window of uncertainty is larger by 1-2 percentage points vs. the 5-Parameter model. However, data is easier to find for the Simple Performance Model. The data can be taken right from the module data sheet. The 5-parameter and Sandia model data is available for a limited set of modules, and for new modules it may take some time for the data to be added. Please contact Solmetric support if you would like to know about a specific module’s data availability.

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