SunEye readings for the PV Designer can be taken at any location within the array plane. Note that for best results readings should be taken at the outer edges of the array area (the actual area where the array will go). In many cases, during site evaluation and initial design, you may not yet know exactly where the array will go. In this case, the readings should be taken at the corners of the POTENTIAL array area, with additional readings taken in between, such as with 15 or 20 ft spacing. In the PV Designer, the array can be moved to different locations on the array plane for comparison of energy estimates. So with some additional SunEye readings, you may be able to more easily optimize the design. Once the location of the array is finalized, more precise SunEye readings can be taken at the array corners for more precise energy estimates or for preparing solar rebate applications in some areas (eg. California’s CSI program).

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