There some important design constraints that we had for designing the extension kit.  These were:   ·          > 5m length when extended ·          < 1.5m when collapsed in order to fit in a car ·          Light weight so that when fully extended the user can control it alone without assistance ·          Non-conductive so that if it touches a power line it will be safe ·          High quality for professional application ·          Pneumatic action so that when lowered it would not drop rapidly and damage the SunEye or hurt the user ·          Protects the SunEye in case it is hit as the pole is extended ·          Single person operation for the measurement process   To achieve all of these in one product required careful engineering and made the materials more expensive than preferred, but the focus remained on maintaining the required features and the quality rather than compromise to make it less expensive.    The method Solmetric has developed for capturing the SunEye images uses audio feedback from the SunEye and rotation of the pole to trigger the measurements. While perhaps this approach is less flashy than a wireless remote control, it took significant effort to develop this approach, and this approach simplifies the process. There are no batteries to charge in a remote and no extra device to keep track of. And the whole measurement process can be managed by a single operator who's attention can stay focused on controlling the pole.   The Extension Kit can have a very strong return-on-investment for the installer because it makes it so that the installer can make measurements from the ground when it is too dangerous or not allowed to get on the roof.  In the pre-sales stage of a deal, the sales person can make measurements from the ground and does not need to carry a ladder or operate a lift, thus minimizing effort for a sale that may or may not actually turn into a system sale.  Then after a sale is made the installer can get on the roof and make more accurate measurements.  Also if it is new construction and the shade measurement needs to be made but there is no structure to stand on, it is easy to make measurements at the proposed height.  This is common for proposed car-ports, canopies, or solar lighting poles.   Solmetric welcomes new ideas about the application of the extension kit, and ways to apply it in different situations.

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