For some SunEye units, the following procedure may be required for manually installing drivers on your PC. The instructions are for the Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit operating system.   Windows Vista 64-bit installation     1.         If not already installed, install Windows Mobile Device Center   64-bit .          The installer can be found here:   WMDC link . This will work for 64-bit Windows 7 and Vista. 2.        Manually install the 64-bit USB driver for the device a.    Download the   Vista 64-bit USB driver   folder and unzip (extract) the folder onto your Desktop. b.    Plug in the device to the PC using a USB Cable.        You will see a message in the bottom right corner of your PC: ?Installing device driver software?, then ?Device driver software was not successfully installed.?   To fix this, go to the Device Manager  (To get to Device Manager, select the Windows Start icon,  right click on ?Computer? and select ?Properties?.  Click on the ?Device Manager? link on the left.).  You will see an entry ?Other devices?, expand it and there will be an entry  ?WindowsCE.NET 6.0?.  Right click on ?WindowsCE.NET 6.0? and select ?Update Driver Software?.   A USB driver installation wizard should appear;         · Select ?Browse my computer for driver software?       · Browse to the Solmetric Drivers folder on the desktop and select ?Next?       · If a Windows Security warning appears, select ?Install this driver software anyway? The Solmetric SunEye 2XX driver should be installed.  You should now be able to connect the device to the PC without error. 3.        Run the SunEye installation a.    From the   Solmetric website , download and install   4.2.2267 ,  or use the installation DVD shipped with the 210.       b.    Run the installation, following the instructions. · The USB driver installation will fail (because the installer does not support 64-bit)  and you will see a warning message.  You can ignore this, since the 64-bit USB driver was manually installed.  Continue with the installation. · Connect the device when prompted, the installation should proceed normally,  installing the device and desktop software.

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