SunEye Downloads

SunEye and PV Designer Software and Documentation:

Desktop companion software, supports ALL SunEye models (100, 110 and 210). Software includes PV Designer. Can be installed on Windows computers running: XP*, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. (*XP requires 'ActiveSync' - please see below.)

Download current SunEye software for Windows PC's (version 4.90.8430)

Release Notes (English)

SunEye-to-PC USB Connection Instructions (pdf)

Note: The Windows Mobile-2003-based device connectivity 'service' needs be running before installing the SunEye software. Follow the SunEye-to-PC Connection Instructions above to configure the WMDC. (Or, click 'skip' when prompted to plug the SunEye USB cable into your PC. You can then configure the WMDC after installing the SunEye software.)

If you see the message: "Waiting for device connection" or "Error connecting to your Solmetric SunEye Device", the 'Windows Mobile-2003-based device connectivity' service is most likely stopped. Please download and follow the SunEye-to-PC Connection Instructions (see link above) to correct the issue.

If you see a RAPI.dll error when launching the SunEye program, you will need to reinstall Windows Mobile Device Center from Microsoft via the links below. Be sure to select the correct 32 or 64-bit version.

General instructions to fix the WMDC:
Step 1 – Open the Services window
-Search for 'services': type 'serv" in the 'type here to search' box, click on the best match - should be 'Services app'
Step 2 – Edit the 'Windows Mobile -2003- based device connectivity' service
-Scroll down the Services list and locate “Windows Mobile -2003- based device connectivity service”. Double click to open the service editor. Navigate to the “ Log On “ tab. Change the ‘Log on as’ to “Local System account”. Click apply. Navigate to the "General" tab, and 'start' the service. Click OK.
Step 3 - Do the same for the "Windows Mobile - Based Device Connectivity" service. (You will see a message that the 'changes will not take effect until you stop & restart the service' - click OK) You can now close the 'Services' window.
Step 4 - Launch the Windows Mobile Device Center app; 'Accept Terms', and 'Allow this program to make changes to your device'.
Step 5 - Unplug and reconnect the SunEye to your PC, wait for the 'beeps', and for the message in the Windows Mobile Device Center window to go from 'not connected', through 'connecting', to 'connected'.
If it does not connect, re-boot the PC. If it still doesn't connect, please test with another cable (USB 'mini-B'), then call Solmetric Technical Support for help.

Note: The following step is not necessary in current versions of Windows 10, but may be necessary in Windows 7/8.
Step 6 – Make WMDC run in Admin mode
-Open up Windows file explorer. Navigate to C:\Windows\WindowsMobile\ . Locate the wmdc.exe file and right click on this and select properties. Choose the ‘Compatibility’ tab. Check the Box on the bottom of the page that says ‘ Run this program as an administrator ‘ .

You should be able to connect to the SunEye now. If not, re-boot the PC. If it still doesn't connect, please contact Solmetric Technical Support at: (877) 263-5026 x2, or email

ATTENTION Windows 8 Users: For first-time SunEye installation on Windows 8 it may be necessary to plug the SunEye in BEFORE starting the software installation. This should cause Windows to automatically install a driver and the connectivity software (Windows Mobile Device Center, aka WMDC). This may take a few minutes. After WMDC is installed if it does not open automatically, launch it from the applications screen in Windows 8 and it should display a license agreement and then connect to the SunEye. DO NOT SETUP WMDC. Once you have a connection you should start or restart the SunEye software installation.

SunEye Documentation:
Solmetric SunEyeTM 210 Users Guide
English (PDF) German (PDF) French (PDF) Spanish (PDF) Italian (PDF) Japanese (PDF)

SunEye Extension Kit Quick Start Guide
Multi-language (PDF) Errata Sheet (English only PDF)

Solmetric SunEyeTM 110 Users Guide
English (PDF) German (PDF) French (PDF) Spanish (PDF) Italian (PDF)

Solmetric SunEyeTM 110 Quick Start Guides (includes all available languages)
SunEye 110 QSG (PDF)
SunEye 110 GPS QSG (PDF)

SunEye Software Sample Results (exports)

To see a sample report in either pdf or html format, click on either html shade report or pdf shade report.
For GPS model SunEyes, click here to see a sample KMZ output file in Google Earth. Google Earth must be installed for this link to function.

Notes on Solmetric PV Designer Software

To download an example "Summary PDF" report, click Example Summary PDF.
To download a copy of the PV Designer User's Guide in English click PV Designer User's Guide (English).

Microsoft 'Windows Mobile Device Center' software installer files:
Windows XP(SP2) and Windows 2000(SP4) Users: Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista Users: Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 - 32-bit version
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista Users: Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 - 64-bit version

Other Components (only install if directed by technical support)
Access DB Engine
If unable to uninstall the WMDC, run this utility from Microsoft: